Monday, November 23, 2009

Gun in the Bible?

I'm not sure T-Dog is reading the same Bible. Watch this for a prank pulled on a KJV call in cable-TV show.

[HT: Monday Morning Insight]

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Unknown said...

Sometimes they aren't pranks. A co-worker at Lifeway many years ago was asked to lead the Jan. Bible Study at a little country church. On his first Friday night he stood at the pulpit and read Gen. 1 in the original text. Before he could comment upon what he read, a man sitting down front stood, held his hands up, and said "I will translate what this dear brother has uttered." The man was assuming that the guest speaker was speaking in tongues. He was not. The next few minutes were very embarrasing for everyone. That man did not return for the rest of the lessons. And the speaker told us that he "dared not stray from the KJV" for the rest of the weekend.