Friday, November 06, 2009

Ft. Hood Shootings and Domestic Terrorism

My heart goes out to the families of the soldiers and civilian police officer killed by Nidal Hasan yesterday at Fort Hood, Texas. We should be in prayer for their families and the others who were wounded.

It came out this morning that Hasan was not killed as previously reported.

According to news reports, Nidal Malik Hasan has recently been under investigation for extremist Islamic views and has been reported to have been happy when an American soldier was recently killed on a military base in Arkansas. He had reportedly said that "suicide bombers were like a soldier that threw themselves on a grenade to save their comrades" and that "maybe people should strap bombs to themselves and go to Times Square."

What is alarming to me is that very quickly after the shootings began, the FBI declared that the shootings weren't terrorist related.

Let's see...a Muslim in a military uniform with extreme Islamic views killing American soldiers on American soil. How can they call it ANYTHING but terrorist related?

I've read some tweets from some bleeding-hearts who are sad that this "will turn into an Islam thing instead of being a mental health thing that it is." Gimme a break! We have got to wake up and quit being so politically correct! We must understand that Islam IS NOT a religion of peace. We are allowing our enemies to quietly infiltrate our country and even our military and perhaps even our government. We are handing it to them on a silver platter all under the pretense of trying to not offend them. How preposterous!

AND, quite frankly, many are scared to say anything about it because of the new "rules" of our own government. They are afraid to criticize Islam for fear of "hate speech." They are afraid to criticize our government or the FBI for fear of being on some sort of "domestic terrorist watch-list".

Well, baloney! I'm tired of being afraid in my own country! I lived under oppressive regimes overseas where I couldn't say anything. Well, this is my own country. I pay my taxes. I stand up and place my hand over my heart when I SING the National Anthem. I vote. I do not break the law. I am a responsible member of society and do not condone violence in any way (except, of course, in protecting your family). I support our government and our policies, for the most part. We pray for our elected officials at church every Wednesday evening. I don't hate anyone. I certainly don't hate Muslims. Many are good folk (and good Americans) and deplore the violence.

However, I'm tired of politically correct liberals telling me that I can't speak out against the things I oppose. Uh, did they not ever hear of a little something we like to call the First Amendment!?!

I know that some of you who read this are going to disagree with me. That is completely Okay! We are in America. You have the right to your opinion. I have the right to mine. That is one thing that makes America great. Some of you will think that my views divide and separate us from Muslims. Sorry to tell you, but we are already there. Some of you will think I am a closed minded bigot. You have the right to think that of me, even if you are wrong.

However, if we don't stop the tide of Islamic extremism right here in the homeland, we may soon lose the right to even have our own opinion.


Unknown said...

Someone gets it :) but we have to be careful, we don't want the religious right to come into power. That would be far worse than the current government, far worse!

RA said...

That was quite a rant. But what exactly is your solution? Rant about Muslims in America. Prohibit them from serving in the military based on their religion? Put them under constant monitoring because they don't have the right religion?

So far this isn't terrorist related. It was just the act of a single individual who went nuts and started shooting people which is not too uncommon in the U.S. and usually done by white folks. Sometimes even in church.

Rick Boyne said...


Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.


Thanks for dropping by and taking time to comment. Yes, it was quite a rant. I don't, however, think it was appropriate for you to ask me a question then answer it for me. You assume I have far right solutions for this problem. Actually, I DON'T have an answer for this problem.

Just because the media isn't reporting it as "terrorist related" doesn't make it so. I would hope we are intelligent enough to come to our own conclusions without having to have CNN or Fox tell us what to think. This is simply the conclusion I have drawn.

RA said...

I didn't assume anything. That's why I asked the questions.

What a very well thought out reaction. You will just decide for yourself what has happened without any facts whatsoever based on your own wild ideas or preconceived notions.

It also doesn't mean that it is terrorist related just because the guy was Arab. In fact, his family has issued the following statement:

"Our family loves America. We are proud of our country, and saddened by today's tragedy."

It seems to me to be a pretty bigoted response and if the shoe fits then wear it.

Rick Boyne said...


Thanks for the smile.

It's OK for you to feel the way you do, this is America. I was quite upfront in my post that it is OK to disagree with me.

Quite frankly, I hope I'm wrong. But I don't think I came to my conclusion by "wild ideas". Time will tell, huh?

Once again, I appreciate your assumptions of what I'll do or how I come to my conclusions. You seem to have a bit of an edge to your comments. I guess you can do that under anonymity without fear of reprisal....

Just because the family issued a statement doesn't mean that Hasan himself wasn't a terrorist. I'm not basing it on the fact he is an Arab. I'm basing it on the reports that he shouted "Allahu Akbar" before he started shooting. I'm basing it on the reports of his colleagues that he thought Islamic suicide bombings was a good thing. I'm basing it on comments he reportedly made about suggesting there should be suicide bombers in New York City. Why would anyone come to a different conclusion without wearing rose colored glasses?

Monk-in-Training said...

I know this is a hot topic for you, but ..

many are scared to say anything about it because of the new "rules" of our own government

I don't understand what you are talking about here? Why are you afraid to talk about anything?

What rules are you referring to?

This is the second time in a quarter century that Kileen Texas has had a mass murder, a crazed white guy (I only mention that for clarity) killed 23 in a Luby's.

This poor town has had way too much death and horror, and needs our prayers. What wounded families must be left behind, it is so sad.

Rick Boyne said...


A few months ago, there was quite a stir about the Obama administration asking for folks to report one another for inappropriate emails, blog posts, etc. It went on to explain what inappropriate meant: anything putting the Obama administration in bad light; calling for a return to Constitutional rule, etc. It lumps everyone into the same category as Militia.,-are-you-a-terrorist.html is an example of one report (from a right wing group) detailing it and some other things. I found it only by doing a Google search on "Governemnt email watch list" as I can't think of where else I had seen it. May have been on Bussey's site, but I don't remember...

RA said...

You seem a little paranoid to me. But that's not too surprising.

That's why I visit the blog every now and then. To find out all the stuff I that I'm not afraid of that I need to be afraid of.

It's always entertaining.

Rick Boyne said...

If they are really out to get us, does that still make me paranoid?? :-)

Tell you what, I'll make you a deal: you keep reading my blog for a laugh, and I'll keep reading your comments for a laugh. That way, we both win!

Unknown said...


Hope you aren't surprised that RA doesn't understand your perspective. I'm not picking on you RA, I think you make valid points based on the majority's world view. But your view doesn't take into account the thinking of an extremist. I'm willing to bet your ideas are based purely on relativity. I don't think you fully understand the implications of a literal follower of the Koran and what they are commanded to do..

Monk-in-Training said...

I don't have time at the moment to do much research, but the site you pointed me to seemed (to me) to be low on facts, and high on speculations, and accusations. The report that they want to send me will have to go unread, because I don't intend to give them any of my info, which I am far more concerned would be sold to a spammer than i am the Federales getting it.

I think he is referring to a report commissioned by Pres. Bush that was released in the spring, but it is hard for me to tell through his dynamic style of writing.

I don't recall seeing this referred to on Kevin's site.

Mike said...

Rick, great "rant", as RA mentioned! Found you thru 4Simpsons. This atrocity has gotten America going once again.

Rick Boyne said...


Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate your taking time to comment.

As this continues to unveil itself, I am still amazed that, despite the facts about Hasan being exposed, the media continues to dismiss it. Just incredible to me.