Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Small Town Livin'

There are still simple pleasures in living in a small town. One of them is the one-chair barber shop!

Jerry Luellen is my barber. While he isn't like "Floyd the barber" in Mayberry, the shop sure does remind you of that! His price sheet reads only: "Haircut $8.00- Long Hair $10.00"

The shop is open Wed-Sat. Jerry opens for business at 8:00 am. There are six seats for waiting. Retired men occupy the seats and fill the room with talk about the weather (big topic of conversation today with all those tornadoes in the State last night) and local goings-on.

You don't get a cup of cappuccino nor do you get your hair shampooed with a nice relaxing scalp massage like in Chiang Mai or China. But the eight bucks transports you back to a more simple time and place, when no one was in a hurry, and everyone knew everyone else's business and was concerned about everyone else's troubles.
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