Friday, February 20, 2009

Looking back: Guinea

The Boyne family in Mamou, Guinea, in front of our banana trees in Oct/Nov 1998.

We first arrived in Guinea, West Africa in October 1998. There were lots of hard things about living in the Futa, but there are some good things that I wanted to remember:

  1. The rainforest was incredibly wonderful!
  2. The smiles of the children were incredible.
  3. The pine forest in Dalaba was unexpected.
  4. Amadou (our house helper) had a gold tooth right in the front. He was always smiling.
  5. The first rain of the rainy season washed all the dirt away and everything was green again.
  6. The mangoes. Fresh mangoes everywhere, in season. They were wonderful!
  7. Maffee Soupou was the preferred dish. I'm so glad Sally learned how to make it.
  8. Every store that we went to in Conakry (the capitol) gave Audrey a special gift. She knew what to expect at each store!
  9. It was fun to see baboons, chameleons, and exotic birds every time we went out somewhere.
  10. We had orange and banana trees in our yard. That was fun.
We lived in the small mountain city of Mamou. There were so many fun times there. Many hard times, too. I did learn that you should never, ever, under any circumstances, try to burn your garbage pit with gasoline instead of kerosene! But that is a story for another post!

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