Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Office Funny

OK, I've been in my office for a little over 2 hours now. I turned the heat on when I arrived, for it was 45 degrees in here. 2 hours later, it is only 55 degrees in here. My hands were cold, I haven't taken my coat off yet, and I've had three cups of coffee. I'M STILL COLD!

So, I get to thinking "maybe something's wrong with the furnace". I go over to the vent in the ceiling to feel if air is warm or cold. Then it hits me.

Last Sunday morning, the men gather in my office to pray for the service and for me, before the service starts. On of them is very tall and he was standing right in the line of fire of the vent, so he reached up and closed it.

He never re-opened it!

Well, just since I've started typing this post, the temp has already raised to a balmy 59 degrees!

Yeah furnace!!!

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