Friday, February 27, 2009

Rick - The Chaperon

Yes, I'll confess: I was at a dance last night.

Well, it was a 7th & 8th Grade Winter Formal Ball.

OK. Let's start off by making some observations:

  1. There was hardly any dancing. What little there was shouldn't be classified as dancing.
  2. Formal means formal. It doesn't mean jeans and tennis shoes with a tie.
  3. Winter: we set the record high temperature for NEOK yesterday. 81 degrees.
  4. I recognized a total of 4 songs last night. Since when did rap constitute music for a formal ball?
  5. Anyone anticipating being a chaperon to a Jr. High dance should invest in a good set of ear plugs. It doesn't really matter how silly or old it makes you look, as long as you are able to hear the next day.
  6. 7th and 8th grade boys haven't grown into their feet yet.
  7. 7th and 8th grade girls are part girl-part woman. They haven't come to terms with the "part woman" yet. (thank goodness!)
  8. What ever happened to punch at a school dance?
  9. Some of the young boys can be incredibly sweet and thoughtful.
  10. You can actually chaperon a school dance without embarrassing your daughter to death and come off looking rather cool. (except for the earplugs, but see #5 above)
I should have a few pictures of the event to upload later. I have a video of something to illustrate #1 above. and #2.


M. Steve Heartsill said...

I think some nice cameo ear plugs would be nice...or those real big muffler style ear phones like we had back in the day...

Sorry...your daughter would have died if you wore those!

Too funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Key Words Here.....

JUNIOR HIGH!!!!!!!!!!

I'm proud of you!!!! I really am!