Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pull up your pants!

I just returned from a flying trip Tulsa to pick up some jewelry being repaired. I had to go to Woodland Hills Mall.

As I'm walking to the store, there is a very large, young black man walking ahead of me. No big deal. I just happen to look down and the crotch of his pants is right at his knees!

For pity sakes! Pull up your pants! Use a belt! You look ridiculous!

I don't get that one at all!


M. Steve Heartsill said...

Hopefully, he'll see your blog and do as you ask...I just hope he doesn't find out where you live and come beat you upside the head!

You did say he was a big man...maybe you can outrun him!

Anonymous said...

I agree on this one. I have helped at a few Odyssey of the Mind fundraiser dances. One of the dads always brings those plastic zip ties and takes care of the boys with those. LOL!

Rick Boyne said...


Oh, I doubt there is much chance of him seeing my pitiful little blog.

I like that dad!