Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cruise Control is there for a reason!

If you bought your car new, you paid anywhere from $200 to $500 extra for your cruise control. Why don't you use it in moving traffic?

Today, on the way home from Tulsa, there was a Jeep Wrangler come roaring up behind me. I had my cruise set on 65 and I was in the middle lane of the three lane highway. I was passing slower cars and faster cars were passing me. It was an arrangement that seemed to be working.

That is, until Mr. Jeep showed up!

He rode my tail for about 4 miles. There was plenty of room to pass me in the fast lane. Finally, the three lanes went down to two and I was in the "slow" lane. He finally roared his engine and passed me, then zoomed right in front of me to get off at the next exit!

Hmmmm. As my mom would say, "God love 'em".


M. Steve Heartsill said...

I'd love to see the State Police loving them a little more, too!

What I hate are those who ride your bumper, even though in front of you there is absolutely no where to in all the lane, and even if he/she passes you, there is no where to go, except to be in front of you!

Anonymous said...

I love to watch people back out of parking spaces. When they arrive, they stop, turn the wheel as far as it will go, and slowly move right into the space. Well done! But when they are ready to leave, they back straight back, then turn the wheel just a tiny bit, and move forward. Then backward, then forward, etc. It takes some people 3-4 times to get their vehicle pointed in the right direction. I guess it never occurs to them that cars can be steered in reverse!
B & J S

Rick Boyne said...

But the Po-Po never seems to be there when you want them! But the first time you do something, BOOM! There they are!

I don't get that either. It's like they are getting behind the wheel for the first time. My friend was telling me about his daughter learning to drive. She was excellent in forward, but like a two year old in reverese!