Thursday, November 20, 2008

$1.69 gasoline in Wagoner!

That's right, friends. Every station in Wagoner is now selling regular unleaded for $1.69. I saw it for $1.67 in Tulsa a few minutes ago.

Remember back in the '70's when it was REGULAR or UNLEADED? Now it's regular unleaded, unleaded PLUS, or premium unleaded. Some places even have more of a choice than that!

I remember driving our family 1972 Ford LTD to Southern California in 1975. Our car took regular, but they were out. I remember there being quite a discussion whether or not we could put unleaded in our car. And my goodness! It was $.72! Why was gasoline so expensive? We thought that the White Bros. $.42 was outrageous in the dessert along I-40! (And it was!)


Anonymous said...

It was $1.65 in Wagoner this morning when I took the kids to school...


Rick Boyne said...

Cool beans!