Thursday, November 20, 2008

One more thing, then I'll be done for the night

OK, just one more thing.

What is it with guys and pony tails? Especially the old dudes. Do you know how ridiculous you look? Cut if off and send it to "Locks of Love"; we'll all be better off for it!



Anonymous said...

OK true confession here. I like old men in ponytails. I always thought old hippies were cool. :)

Rick Boyne said...

This is America. We each have the right to our own opinion.

I expressed mine; you expressed yours. Now, don't we both feel better?!? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't mind so much men in ponytails - although most of them do look silly - but when they have a ponytail in back and none on top that looks really dumb.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do feel better... I think. My husband would agree with you and Sally, Rick. He will only let his hair get so long and it has to be cut. He is not balding, but has thick salt and pepper hair. I guess that is why they say opposites attract. We are truly opposites.