Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What a Difference...

...a day makes (and a few degrees)!

This morning, we woke up to dense fog, rain, and NO ICE, at least here in Wagoner. We made it through without losing electricity and only a few branches down in the yard.

A report this morning on local TV said that there are 500,000 customers without power across Oklahoma. They said this was the single largest power outage in our State's history!

My in-laws reported that they made it through the night OK. They lit the burners on their gas range every now and then and wrapped up in blankets. They said Wal-Mart was open this morning so they were going to high-tail it out there to try and find some supplies, as they may not have power until next week.

On the home front, Audrey is still sick. She woke up with 102 degrees this morning. We have an appointment to see the doctor at 2 pm today. 4 days on antibiotics and still running a fever just isn't right.

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