Saturday, December 15, 2007


Well, we certainly missed the biggest part of this latest snowstorm! PTL! It started snowing at 11:30 this morning and is still snowing a little bit at 6:30 pm. Not a lot, but a little. It was a very pretty snow, but only a trace on the ground. The temps have plunged since this morning and my front steps were icy when I walked over to the church a few minutes ago.

We had an open-house/Christmas fellowship for our church today at our house. We have been leery of the weather, but we had a house full of people. It was a great success. The snow only kept a few folks away.

This morning, the kids were waiting for it to start snowing and were extremely impatient. They got busy doing other things and when I yelled out that it had started to snow, you'd have thought they won a million dollars! They pulled their coats on and ran out in the front yard and opened their mouths to catch snowflakes. This is the first snow they have seen in 5 years! They both only remember the snow we had when we were on furlough back in 2002 in Tulsa. It was an incredibly great snow then, but not so today. I think we were all a little disappointed that there would be no snowman! Maybe next time!


Dori said...

Rick -

We church members are a rather inquisitive, curious lot. I think it would have had to be a blizzard indeed to keep most away from checking out the new pastor in his home digs for the first time.

Or maybe in your part of Oklahoma (heathen territory) there is little else to do on a Saturday ... could be that too. Ha!

Just a little teasing ... hope you and your family have a blessed Lord's day and I am glad the open house was such a success.


Rick Boyne said...

Well, there's not a whole lot to do on Saturdays since football season ended, that's for sure.

Heathen territory, huh? Well, at least I'm on a mission field then! ;-)

I hope you have a great Lord's day, too. BTW, the kid's hall is looking good!

Phil Hoover said...

Welcome back to the United States!

I'm sure you are still undergoing culture shock!

Rick Boyne said...


Thanks! -and welcome to the BoyneBlog!

Merry Christmas!