Saturday, December 15, 2007


Well, we certainly missed the biggest part of this latest snowstorm! PTL! It started snowing at 11:30 this morning and is still snowing a little bit at 6:30 pm. Not a lot, but a little. It was a very pretty snow, but only a trace on the ground. The temps have plunged since this morning and my front steps were icy when I walked over to the church a few minutes ago.

We had an open-house/Christmas fellowship for our church today at our house. We have been leery of the weather, but we had a house full of people. It was a great success. The snow only kept a few folks away.

This morning, the kids were waiting for it to start snowing and were extremely impatient. They got busy doing other things and when I yelled out that it had started to snow, you'd have thought they won a million dollars! They pulled their coats on and ran out in the front yard and opened their mouths to catch snowflakes. This is the first snow they have seen in 5 years! They both only remember the snow we had when we were on furlough back in 2002 in Tulsa. It was an incredibly great snow then, but not so today. I think we were all a little disappointed that there would be no snowman! Maybe next time!
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