Friday, December 14, 2007

Update II

We heard from Sally's mom this morning. She called PSO and asked when they were going to get power back on. The lady said, "Well, most of Vinita has power". As they looked into it, only 85 homes are left without power and my in-laws and Sally's sister are two of the 85 houses! The PSO lady said that it should be on by Sunday evening.

A report on TV last night said that there are still over 260,000 people without power in Oklahoma. Just in time for the next snowstorm!

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Anonymous said...

It is the strangest feeling coming home to LIGHT and being so excited! We FINALLY got ours back on late last night. Wow! Now I can SEE the mountains of laundry, the dog hair that accmumulated on the wood floors, and those other dirty things around the house. Looks like today is a WORK day. I'm SO HAPPY though~!

Good to hear Miss Audrey is feeling better.