Sunday, December 09, 2007


I was sitting in my easy chair last night and prayed that if I hadn't actually lost my digital camera and merely misplaced it, that God would let me find it today. Well.... as I was putting on my "preacher suit", I felt something hit against my leg when I put my coat on. I stuck my hand down in the pocket and found my digital camera!!!!! The funny thing is, I had checked all of the pockets of all my suits a week ago and didn't find it then. Hmmmmm.

Thank you Lord, for the little delights in life!


Anonymous said...

Well good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dori said...

Yay for you! Is that going to officially be your lucky suit now?


Rick Boyne said...

I don't know. Maybe it will be! I've never had a "lucky suit" before! LOL!