Friday, December 14, 2007

Cool New Invention

I've been out to Wal-Mart, which seems to be busier than normal because of people in areas without power coming to our Wal-Mart that has power. I went out last night to buy some gift boxes for wrapping, and was met at the door by an odd sight. All of the Christmas items in "action alley" had been moved back and was replaced by flashlights, chainsaws, oil lamps, oil, and small camp-size propane bottles. The clerk behind the jewlery counter said they had just moved them in, directly off the truck.

This morning, I went back out to pick up some tissue paper, that I forgot to buy last night. I noticed that half of the oil lamps were already sold (at 9 am!) and many of the batteries and flashlights were already gone. Only one chainsaw had been purchased so far. I went ahead and bought an oil lamp and a couple of bottle of oil, just in case.

As I was purusing around the store, I made it through the camping aisle. There was a bare spot on the shelves where they keep the camping lanterns. That was interesting! As I made my way over the the grocery section to get some stuff for our party tomorrow (fat chance since there is a big snow storm coming) I found a really cool invention. I had never seen it before, but can see how, especially in times like these where there are lots of folks without electricity, it would come in handy. It was cans of self-heating soup!

The can was a little taller than a pop can. Underneath, there was a pull top, like on green beans or tuna. The directions said that you were to turn the can over, pull off the protective cover, and push the button until all the green water drains into the hole. Turn the can back over and wait 5-8 minutes, until the little indicator spot turns color. Shake well and drink. It went on to say that it uses "quicklime" and never touches the food inside. What a cool idea! Great for camping, road trips, or power outages!

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