Saturday, November 17, 2012

Facebook Is NOT my Pulpit

I'm not sure I can post about any subject without an objection from someone on Facebook.

I could say, "What a beautiful day!" and someone might respond, "That's a little biased, don't you think?"

My posts about Obama have earned me a great amount of criticism, ranging from "you're a pastor and shouldn't say things like that" to "you're a moron."

 Let's make one thing abundantly clear, Facebook is NOT my pulpit!

Already, I'm going through what people are going to say about that particular declaration. So, let me say it again this way, "I speak my opinions on Facebook; I speak only biblical truth from the pulpit."

Let's get this straight, too: Sometimes I speak biblical truth on Facebook. So should you! But I don't let my opinions get in my way when I'm preaching God's Word from the pulpit. But, because of who I am (a Christian, not necessarily a pastor) the truth of God's word envelopes my whole life. I don't stop being a Christian when I post an opinion on Facebook.

You may not agree with my opinions. That is perfectly OK with me, because I probably won't agree 100% with your opinions, either. But knowing that you aren't going to agree with MY opinions isn't going to stop me from expressing them.

 I have very strong opinions about politics. But just because I say something that you disagree with doesn't mean that I hate you.

What happened to being able to disagree with someone and still be friends?

There are several options: you can de-friend me; you can hide my posts from your timeline; or you can ignore me.

 I would hope that disagreements over politics, worldviews, and varying opinions wouldn't be cause for the end of a friendship.

 Most likely, I'm going to be backing off making status updates about Obama, politics, and the sort, not because of the criticism I have received, nor because of the advice I have been given, but for other reasons that I won't be sharing at this time. (and no, I'm not afraid of the government)

Suffice it so say, I love my God; I love my country; and I'm not happy about the direction our country is heading.

Many folks have said something like, "If you spend as much time praying for the president as you do criticizing him, you'd be ahead."  Well, let me just say, "I take Matthew 6:1& 6 to heart."

 God bless America and God bless you!

PS Pray for Israel  (Genesis 12:3)

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