Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My grandmother has had a hard time the past several years.  Seems like each winter, pneumonia sneaks up on her.

At nearly a century old, she is holding up well.  She has always been an elegant lady and has always told the funniest stories of her growing up.

The most important thing about my grandmother, however, is not anything about her health, or her profession, or her family, or her heritage. 

It is her faith.

All of her life, she has followed Jesus.  She told me this Christmas, that when she was two and three years old, her father would make sure she knelt by her bed to say her prayers before she went to bed. 

Meme, Pam, and Me

Now, at 94, she feels worst when she doesn't feel good enough to go to Sunday School.  She told me she would still be teaching if she were able to see well enough.

I am truly blessed to have a grandmother that has given me such a rich spiritual heritage!

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