Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Question for Discussion

In the post below, I asked a question about life. However, a friend of mine, Monk-in-Training posed a better question in his response:
On a side note, why are so many Christians accepting Mayan calendar issues as some sort of message from God?

Why do you think this is?


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Could it be that people are searching for about anything to grab a hold of? Could it also be that they see the way things are going and are looking for an explanation?

Unknown said...

Because of the long standing issues of Biblical illiteracy and speculative theology, Christians are more likely to look at anything that could reflect upon the Biblical text and give them a "better" understanding of it.

Monk-in-Training said...

I had a conversation with a very conservative, life long Church going lady who was really getting into this 2012 thing, she was somewhat surprised when I pointed out this was a pagan, non Christian or Hebrew prophecy. Seems some ministers are using it.
When she got the information I gave her, she is now telling people she knows to forget it, but still it was shocking to me.

Rick Boyne said...

Bill, you pose some very good possiblilities. I think people are simply grasping.

Nauvoo, I agree. Biblical illiteracy and "Wal-Mart Theology" has made a generation of nominal Christians.

Monk, WOW! While it is hard to believe, I do anyway.

One thing I do believe, however, is that the return of Christ is imminent. Of course, it could be anytime, but it is possible that even the pagan world knows that it can't be much longer. I truly belive that it will be within my lifetime. Maranatha.