Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009

The Blizzard of 2009, according to the local news, it the biggest blizzard in recent Oklahoma history.

Here in Wagoner, we received 7 inches of snow. In Vinita, where we spent Christmas Day, they got 10 inches.

We ended up with a White Christmas, the first since 2002.

We had 40-60 mph winds that covered our wreath in snow.

Snow drifts in the yard were over 2 feet deep. Even the roof had drifts.

The winds completely covered our front porch.


thestormentgirl said...

Love the wreath pic and the chair pic for some reason. I have a funny wreath story. Jeff went Christmas morning to place a wreath on his dad's grave. His mom had given it to him with a little humor to take away. Evidently last year she had made a wreath and asked his youngest brother to do the honor and place it on the headstone. This year, she got a phone call from Jon Jon. He said, "Mom, we put the wreath again this year. It sure looks pretty." He'd misunderstood and thought it was for their house, so their dad's/husband's grave was never decorated last year. HA!

Rick Boyne said...

Becky, those are my two favorite pictures, too!

That's a cute story about the wreath.