Thursday, August 06, 2009


Well, since I have been under the weather with pneumonia, I missed my FIVE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY on August 3! I have certainly enjoyed posting on anything and everything at meets my fancy. I have enjoyed the interaction between my readers and me. I have made some good internet friends along the way, which one day I hope to meet in person.

I am somewhat disappointed with my total blog hits; but then again, I don't intentionally write controversially on a consistent basis, just to increase hits...

In any case, thanks for reading! I will be using this blog as a platform to launch my book which I hope to be published next year. While I haven't settled on a title, I am inclined to call it "The Jackpot" about a self-absorbed man, selfish in all aspects of life, who wins the lottery and slides even further into moral bankruptcy. Bent on murderous revenge, he finds himself at the real turning point of his life and realizes his only help is in God. I'll be looking for a literary agent (or a publisher) once the book is finished and would appreciate your assistance and support in every aspect of my new endeavor!

God bless you! Thanks for reading!

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