Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Sooner Football Schedule

Here is the 2009 Sooner Football Schedule:

Sept 5 BYU*
Sept 12 Idaho State
Sept 19 Tulsa
Oct 3 Miami*
Oct 10 Baylor
Oct 17 Texas*
Oct 24 Kansas*
Oct 31 Kansas State
Nov 7 Nebraska*
Nov 14 Texas A&M
Nov 21 Texas Tech*
Nov 28 Oklahoma State

Jan 9 National Championship

*denotes game away from Norman.


NB: Idaho State???????


Dave Miller said...

Why did you bother to list the date of the National Championship game? 9-3 will NOT get you there!

Rick Boyne said...


Proverb 29:18a


Morgan said...

Not looking forward to November 21...:) But I am excited about football starting! Woohoo!

JasonC said...

Or at least put * on the National Championship Game, because I seriously doubt they are playing it in Norman.

Anonymous said...

I wore my OK shirt to the Men's ministry this morning at church. I got mangled by all those wearing Miami shirts. Next time I'll wear my Slippery Rock shirt.
B & J S