Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy Atheist Day

Today is Worldwide Atheist Day! After all, Psalm 14:1 says, "The fool has said in his heart, 'there is no God'".

So, with that in mind, April 1st, more commonly known as April Fool's Day, can now be claimed as Atheist Day as well!


What a sad life it must be; to deny the existence of God. No one to thank for a beautiful sunset. No one to appeal to when everyone is against you. No one to deliver you when you've gotten yourself in over your head. No one to comfort you when you are alone. And no one to forgive you of your sins, which means an eternity in Hell....


Anonymous said...

You would be sad if you were an atheist, which is why you believe in God.

Is it possible that there are people who aren't like you in this world, though?

Why do Christians feel the need to transpose their own minds and thoughts onto those of everyone else in the world? Is it just so you can be reassured as to your life choices?

Why do you care if other people believe in God? You have to pretend that they MUST be unhappy so that you feel better about yourself.

But it's not the truth. It's just so you feel good about yourself.

Personally, I think you should believe in God and be happy for yourself. It's wonderful that you have that, because you obviously need it and rejoice in it.

But not everyone is YOU.


Rick Boyne said...

Hello K.

Thanks for reading my blog and taking time to post a comment.

You are making a lot of assumptions about my making assumptions. I find that ironic.

Of course there are people who aren't like me. I am not that naive. I was unaware that ALL Christians "feel the need to transpose their own minds and thoughts onto those of everyone else".

I care if other people believe in God, because God is worthy of their worship. Also, I have believe that everyone who rejects Jesus will have to pay the penalty for their own sins. Jesus has done such a great thing for mankind. It is literally insane for people to reject His gift of forgiveness.

I don't pretend about anyone. However, for the several atheists that I know personally, they are generally unhappy people who aren't at peace with themselves or others. That certainly doesn't make me feel better about myself, however.

K, it seems that, while you are very civil in your comment, you have been hurt very deeply sometime in the past. It is so easy to blame God for everything that has gone on in your life.

The fact of the matter is: God exists whether or not anyone acknowledges Him. One day everyone will bow before Jesus; it is better to do it of your own free will than be forced to do it at judgment time. Just because you don't believe this to be true doesn't make it so.

One last thing: I'm glad that not everyone is me. The world is such a better place with a kaleidoscope of people!