Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sooners Fall to Number 4

This week's poll find the Sooners at number 4, at least in the AP poll.

Contrary to one commenter on the previous post claims, I was not making excuses. I very plainly said that "we beat ourselves". We just flat gave the game away.

Number 4 is a more comfortable spot. Number 4 is good. At least until the very end. Then, I want to be Number One again...

Boomer Sooner!


Michael said...

I really expected OU to win that game. I definitely didn't see them giving up 45! When push came to shove, I rooted for them, but not because I like them, but because I hate them less than Texas. Once again, the state of Oklahoma disappointments me.

Now you need to be rooting for Tech and Mizzou to be Texas.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your Sooners... my Gators faired well, and now we are neighbors in the polls!

Rick Boyne said...


I'm in a dilema. I certainly can't stand Texas, but I can hardly bring myself to root for TT; I guess it would be the same situation as you.


Humble pie is bitter to swallow.

"Howdy, neighbor!"