Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Getting to be that time again

There is a cool breeze. There is just a hint of color in the leaves. You don't have to mow your grass every 5 days. Yes, it must be about that time of year again.

No, not autumn.

I'm talking about the RED RIVER SHOOTOUT!!!!

This weekend, my beloved Sooners will play Texas at a (supposedly) neutral venue, the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. (it isn't neutral; never has been)

I remember the first time I got to go to the big game. I was a sophomore. (Student tickets weren't available to Freshmen) It was incredible! Half of the Cotton Bowl Sooners, the other half Longhorns. I was disappointed my first time, because we lost in 1983. 1984 was worse, as we tied. We won in 1985.

I wish I could go this time. It truly is one of the great college football rivalries.

Boomer Sooner!
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