Monday, October 20, 2008

The Similiarities Are Uncanny



JasonC said...

Seriously, Rick, I have to give that the big "Whatever!"
You could have made the comparison between the first segment of kids and a Sunday school class. I am not an Obama supporter by any means, but that comparison was a stretch.

Now the housing market thing a few weeks ago was good stuff.

Rick Boyne said...

That is the great thing about America...we are all (still) able to have our own opinions! ;-)

I put this video up because I have been seeing so much about the "hope" that Obama is supposed to bring. Louis Farrakhan called him "the Messiah". Others are calling him the "American Messiah". (And Obama isn't denying it - if someone publicly called ME the Messiah, the first thing I'd be doing is publicly denying it)

It isn't too much of a stretch if one understands the political climate of pre-Nazi Germany and how everyone was looking for someone to save their country.

Also, you are correct; I could have made the comparison between the "Obama kids" and a Sunday School class. The point is the same. People don't teach their kids songs about political candidates. This is crazy. It is scary.

And, of course, I could be "way wrong". I hope, for our Country's sake, I AM wrong!