Monday, September 17, 2007

Weiner Roast

Saturday night, my folks invited us to their place for an old fashioned weenie roast. Dad built a fire pit a year or two ago and has a really great place for it on their property. It was a perfectly cool night for such an event. Sally and my sister-in-law were actually chilly, so they enjoyed the fire. My cousin and one of her friends brought their guitars and she and Sally played songs and several of us sang.

I have some pictures, but I don't have a laptop any more (I had to send it back to Asia) so I am not able to conveniently download the pics from my camera to the computer whenever I want. Hopefully, I'll get it done tomorrow and get some pictures up.

My folks said that they want to make it a weekly thing until it is too cold to sit outside comfortably. That is just fine with me.

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