Monday, September 24, 2007

Way to Go, BoyneBlog!

Back on March 1, 1997 (or there abouts), I created my very first webpage on GeoCities. That was before blogs (or before I knew about them). GeoCities, Tri-Pod, and AngleFire were the three big places where you could get free websites. I thoroughly enjoyed it and even learned some html code. I used FrontPage to create my website and kept it updated with pictures of Audrey and other important things. So, in 10 years, I have had 19,730 visitors to The Boyne Family Home Page.

I started BoyneBlog on August 3, 2004, when I lived in Thailand. I really didn't know what blogs were all about. I created it to have a forum to post annonymous random thoughts. However, I quickly discovered its potential. Initially created as the "Goofblog", I changed the name to BoyneBlog and haven't looked back.

Today, in 3 years, my BoyneBlog stats have surpassed that of The Boyne Family Home Page.

1 comment:

Matt Harmless said...

I started reading your blog when it was goofblog. Seriously, I can remember that.

Well, congrats. Maybe you will make it through to the end of the blog era as well.