Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boy, did we fall!

Oklahoma is now rated #10 in the country. I predicted we would fall to 12-15, so I am grateful that we didn't "plunge". Texas is now rated 19.
I noticed this weather pattern on the radar for this next week. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

OU deserved it after how they played. I wish I could be in Dallas this weekend. My entire family heads down Friday. Hope you all are doing well. BOOMER! and Beat texas!

Anonymous said...

At least the "weather" is looking good for the game! LOL!

Yep, that not a good day in Sooner land.

We had the same sort of thing on the volleyball court yesterday, though we were 1st in the SILVER bracket in the end. Our local football team lost, too. Strange!

At least there is something to celebrate this week! My oldest is turning 16 on Wednesday and getting the remainder of her braces off Tuesday. There IS more to life than sports!!!

Anonymous said...

The forecasters got one right!!!!!!!!!!!