Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Container Saga, continued

I heard today from the Freight and Travel section at the Board. They said that the container was offloaded in Houston on Monday and will need to clear customs. He said we can expect it near the end of next week.

Believe it or not, this is NOT bad news!

Reason? Emily's birthday is this Friday. She is having a sleepover party Friday night. An entire container's worth of boxes and furniture would only serve to complicate the goings-on of the party.

So, next week it is.

I can't wait to unload the stuff to set up my Oklahoma memorial in my new office and other stuff to decorate it with; my fairly new home theater system; and my collections of foreign currency. The girls are waiting for their toys. Sally wants her kitchen.

It should be like Christmas for all!

1 comment:

Global Oklahoman said...

just to let you know, bro....sending foreign currency in your freight is, how shall i say this, illegal? i know, it is probably worth a whole $12 or something, but it is against der law....
How do i know this, you may ask? Aaaah, grasshopper, that is a story for another time.....