Monday, August 06, 2007

Wagoner is a GRDA Community

I found out today that Wagoner is a Grand River Dam Authority community. Sally used to work at GRDA before we went overseas, and now, we have to pay them!

All these years we have laughed about GRDA because it sounds like a very bad stomache disease you can get called giardia. The disease is no laughing matter. I had it many times when we lived in Africa. It hurts!

I went down to the Wagoner Public Works Authority to sign up to get our name on the electricity, water, sewer, and trash bills. An amazing thing, after all these years. Overseas, our accounts were usually in the mission's name and we simply paid them for the bills. I met a real nice lady, Mary Ellen, who seemed to be having a rough day. She said that normally there were two people in her office, but the other girl was on vacation. She was very nice and I tried to get her to laugh and smile. I invited her to come to church, too, but she said she attends regularly at another church. As I was leaving, she thanked me for the invitation to church.

Any, here we are back in the US and we have to deal with Giardia, I mean GRDA again!

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