Friday, August 03, 2007

Uncle Bill

Uncle Bill, Meme, Mom-mom, and yours truly, circa 1971.

Today, my favorite uncle is spending his first day in Heaven. He is no longer in pain and he can breathe without struggling. He is visiting with his mother (Mom-mom above), his father, his wife, and a host of friends and family who have gone on before him. What I am happiest about, however, for him, is that he is now in the presence of Jesus. He has seen Him face to face. He knows things for sure that we can only speculate about. I wonder if he has met Abraham or Paul yet. I now consider him part of my own personal "great cloud of witnesses" that I have.

I will miss him, but I am simply being selfish. I know for sure that he would never even consider returning to walk among us, when he can walk among the saints of God.

Pray for his family who will grieve their loss.
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