Friday, August 17, 2007

Big Friday Night

Yes siree, a big Friday night for the Boyne family! Here we are all sitting together watching "High School Musical 2". We ordered pizza and are all sitting around enjoying the show. (That's why I'm posting a blog entry right now). The kids have waited all summer for this and they are so excited they can hardly sit still. I am having more fun watching them watch the movie, than actually watching it myself.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how long did you have to wait?!?! I mean, how often did the girls mention that it was coming!? Yes, my girls were also all glued to the tube. Considering their age span, I'm impressed!

We were in your "native" stomping grounds last night. Travelled by the Happy Burger to the new field house where our local volleyball teams soundly defeated those hailing from your community. What a BEAUTIFUL facility.

Thought about ya. Told my girls stories about ya! Don't you wonder!!?!?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I missed it? Well my whole week is shot now.