Sunday, August 05, 2007

First Sunday in the Pulpit

Today was my first Sunday in the pulpit at Immanuel. It was a great day. The DOM for Muskogee Association dropped by to pray with/for me. My best friend in the whole world, Martin Whipple and his family, and his parents came to hear me. My college friend Pam Kluver and her two sons came to hear me. My parents-in-law came to hear me. (my family would have come, except for Uncle Bill's passing.)

Folks seemed to be interested in the messages for both services. No one (that I could tell) fell asleep during the services and I didn't see anyone looking at their watches.

I really felt like I did a mediocre job, but everyone kept telling me that I did a great job, so the only explanation was: it was from the Lord.

Glory to God!


Anonymous said...

I am sure you in fact did a great job today, but did you think that maybe the big crowd was really there to hear the special music??? Yes, that is something to consider!!!!

Rick Boyne said...

Well, Sister Anonymous,

I am SURE they were all there for the special music!

Anonymous said...

OH, don't get your feelings hurt...I know they also wanted to hear about Jesus and Moses in the basket!!!!!! :)

Brian said...

I guess you didn't notice Preston snoozing by the sound system... Don't worry though, he has slept through some other really great sermons before. Audrey did great, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that we missed it...the special music, that is!