Thursday, March 29, 2007

Settling In

Well, we have now moved into "our" house, got the girls enrolled in school, unpacked, and I am now in Texas at a conference.

The house is wonderful. As I said, it is right next door to Mom and Dad. I went fishing with Dad Tuesday afternoon and caught a very nice crappie, along with two or three (too) little black bass. I was right happy to catch that crappie, let me tell you!

The girls absolutely love their new school. It is a rural K-8 about 4 miles north of us, out in the country. Get this: the school provides breakfast AND lunch FOR FREE!!! We had a nice tour of the facilities with the superintendent and was overwhelmed with everyone's friendliness. It was so refreshing. The girls both came home from school so excited and Emily even exclaimed, "I love my life". That was REALLY good to hear, for a change.

I drove down to Keller, TX, yesterday to attend a conference. It was a delightfully uneventful trip. At the same conference is a friend from Africa. It is great to see him again. I am staying with a very nice family. He is an FAA Safety Inspector and she is a school teacher. They have three kids, only one of which is still at home. She is 8. Despite their being so nice, they are Red Raiders. The whole house is Red Raiders. I am sleeping in the son's room, who is currently away at Texas Tech. His whole room is an unholy black and red. It's OK, because I am all prayed up. ;-)
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