Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Bags Are Packed

Tonight is our last night in our flat in Hong Kong. Tomorrow, we move to a guesthouse apartment. We packed our suitcases tonight and we are ready to move everything over. The guest apartment is not too far from our place, which is good, since the girls will still need to catch the school bus at our apartment.

We have enjoyed living here; it is a very nice place. I just found out recently that our 1550 sq ft apartment is actually worth $2.5 million US dollars! We can hardly believe it. Although, it is more credible when you see the parking lot below filled with Mercedes, Porches, Jaguars, BMW's, and even a Rolls Royce!

We ended up with 4 trunks, a guitar case, 1 suit case, and a "rice-bag". A rice bag is just a big square fabric bag that we put a bunch of clothes in. I hope my mom's car can hold us and the luggage, too!

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JasonC said...

They set you up with a Land Rover, right?
You know, so you could get the whole family in and manage any off-roading & trendy shopping malls that Hong Kong threw at you.