Monday, March 12, 2007

All Moved Out

The moving company came today and moved our boxes and stuff to a storage facility not too far away. I was immediately impressed with them, as the first thing they did was lay down a strip of protective fabric on the floor. I've never seen any other movers do that for us. Anyway, it went pretty well. The main moving guy was a Bangladeshi. He spoke Bangladeshi to his brother, Cantonese to the other movers, and English to me.

I think we ended up with 1o6 packed boxes, plus all of the furniture and other stuff. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the girls. I need to see about terminating internet and mobile phone contracts. I also need to get our e-tickets printed out so that we can use them on Friday!

1 comment:

Rhology said...

So you're moving to OK?
Will you ever be in the OKC area, preaching or visiting or something?