Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oklahoma 42 - Boise State 43

Well, I wish we would have played the whole game like we played the last 10 minutes. That would have been good.

Hats off to the Broncos.

Boomer Sooner!


Anonymous said...

I have yet to comment of my blog, because I am still not happy about the loss. However OU did comeback after a horrible first half, and any team that pulls a hook-and-ladder on a 4th and 18, and then runs a Statue of Liberty (which by they way - I had never heard of till today) deserves to win. The trick plays by Boise State were phenomenal. BSU shut down Adrian Peterson, and poor Paul Thompson - 3 interceptions! Not the best way to go out.

Morgan said...

Too bad OU couldn't pull it out! We were rooting for them. I heard the game was incredible, though!