Saturday, September 23, 2006

Osama bin Laden dead?

Here is a direct Google translation of a story in L'est Republicain, a French newspaper that claims that Osama might be dead. If he died of typhoid, even among radical Muslims, he didn't die a martyr's death! Now That's funny! (so is the English translation)

Usama Bin Laden would have died

The Saoudi secret service would have acquired the conviction that the Al-Qaïda founder died.

If it were confirmed soon, information would fall to peak for American president George Bush strongly abused by the surveys to less than two months from the elections.
Information that we reveal today results from a note of confidential information classified “defense” emanating from the Directorate-General of the external services (DGSE). The French secret service transmitted it Thursday September 21 to the President of the republic, to the Prime Minister, to the Minister of Interior Department and Defense. We deliver the contents of it to you in-extenso. :

“According to a usually reliable source, the Saoudi services from now on would have acquired the conviction that Usama Bin Laden died. The elements collected by the Saoudis indicate that the chief of Al-Qaïda would have been victim, whereas it was in Pakistan on August 23, 2006, of a very strong crisis of typhoid having involved a paralysis partial of his lower limbs. Its geographical insulation, caused by a permanent escape, would have made impossible any medical care. On September 4, 2006, the Saoudi services of safety collected the first information making state of its death. They would wait, to obtain more details, and in particular the exact place of its burial, to announce the news officially”.

The information collected by the DGSE on the death of Bin Laden was considered to be sufficiently reliable so that it is decided to inform the highest French authorities of them. A first note had been written and diffused last on September 19. It was entitled: “The Saoudi services seek to confirm the death of Usama Bin Laden”.

Before the disclosure of this news, that made more than three years that the American persons in charge for the counter-terrorism had not received credible information. It is necessary to go up with the arrest of one of the Al-Qaïda leaders, Walid Mohamed Ben Attash in April 2003, to find a trace of Bin Laden. It had been established then that this last had met the spiritual chief of Jihad, three months before, in the province of Khost in Afghanistan. These last months, the American commandos, who were in load of the tracking, concentrated their research at the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the north of the tribal areas. I.e. in the area not controlled by the authorities of Islamabad and where the army never ventures. It should be said that the soldiers Pakistani recorded enormous losses as men when they had tried to occupy the ground in 2004 and 2005.

644 dead

In spite of the enormous means deployed by the Americans for the capture of Bin Laden, research is remained vain. And this, in spite of the use of satellites, drones and means of listenings sophisticated. Thanks to the arrest of several members of nebula Al-Qaïda, the services American know that Bin Laden leaves its masks little. It would leave only during the night and when the cloud cover is thick. And thanks to his local troops, the Saoudi billionaire has a very good knowledge of the area which offers an infinite number of cushy jobs.

In spite of this impossible research, American administration forever desired to give up. “It is our principal priority”, declared last on September 13 the Cheney vice-president. While the Senate resolved 200 million dollars to recreate a cell of the information especially intended to track that which on September 11, 2001 to be dared to defy America. And whose organization asserts the commission of 16 attacks, made 644 having died and 2700 wounded, perpetrated in the world in the name of Al-Qaïda since September 2001. An organization become a mark, a label, an ideological reference to the name of which thousands of fanatics throughout the world are ready to pass to the terrorist action in an autonomous way. Like the authors of the attacks of July 7, 2005 in London.

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