Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coffee Faux Pas

I about caused a riot today at the Starbuck's at China-Hong Kong City Ferry Terminal. Yep, I grabbed. Well, it wasn't really my fault...after all, they called out "grande Americano" and no one else went for it. So, I figured it was "mine, mine, mine; all mine!" But it wasn't.

Had the guy who actually ordered it stepped up and took it when it was first called, then the whole "coffee criminal" nomer wouldn't have happened.

Look, I'm sorry I grabbed, but it was time to catch my boat and it was just sitting there, all alone getting cold. I reasoned I could remedy that.

Next time, I'll hesitate just a tad bit longer!


Anonymous said...

Youre lucky you werent near aferry terminal in Qatar. They would have cut off your hand.

Morgan said...

That sounds like what could be the beginning of a Seinfeld episode!

Anonymous said...

I would have been offended if they called me a "grande americano"!! Of course, I am...but they don't need to announce it to the world!!!
John F.in Xiamen