Monday, September 04, 2006

Coffee Snobs

You know who you are. Come on, now, admit it!

I have decided that I am surrounded, at times, by coffee snobs. You know, people who will only drink Starbuck's or some fancy (expensive) gourmet coffee. Well, as coffee white trash, I think I am happier because I can enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere I go, not just someplace where I have to pay 4 bucks for a cuppa joe.

I can honestly say that I enjoy a cup of Folgers, or Maxwell House, or even, God forbid, 3 in 1! There are those who travel with their makings for pressed coffee or fresh fancy something from Starbucks. Don't get me wrong, I'll enjoy those too, but I'm not limiting myself to only those fancy kinds. And, I'll willingly drink from the bounty of any coffee offered to me and ENJOY it.

I guess that is my point. I enjoy coffee. I like the smell, er aroma. I like the taste. I like it with breakfast and then all morning long. I like it with cake and especially with donuts, but I really like it in the company of friends.

Please don't hate me because you have identified yourself as a coffee snob. Remember, I didn't name names.

Now, let's head down to Pacific Coffee for a nice "pick me up!"


Matt Harmless said...

I am not going to lie... I do like a nice cup of starbucks coffee.

But I am currently a truck driver, and I also enjoy a nice cup of "truck stop coffee" or "gas station coffee" without any complaint at all.

I wholeheartedly agree with you. I go for the coffee, regardless of brand or blend! I am no coffee snob!

We'll have to get together for a cup of coffee sometime.

Rick Boyne said...

You got it! Sounds great. Unfortunately, I won't be anywhere your neck of the woods for another year. Yikes!

Rhology said...

I am pretty much a coffee snob... I don't like much gas station coffee unless I'm sleepy on the road. But I'm poor, so a Fourbux latte is only a special treat!

Anonymous said...

Im a tea totaler. But I do like my Chai (from Borders). I spend so much on it, Im going to have to start making my own.

Rick Boyne said...


I know what you mean. I think that is my "real" gripe, that is, Starbucks is great; it's just too expensive. Of course, I say that as I sit here in Starbucks in Shenzhen, China, enjoying their free wireless, sipping on a nice grande Anniversary Blend....


So sorry to hear about your drinking problem. I think they have support groups for folks like you. Of course, we Sooners have always been acused of being "tea sippers" from those uncouth Cowboys!


Anonymous said...

I guess Tim T didnt tell you about my MS from OSU. If you dont believe me ask Tim or Allen. So I guess I have more than a drinking problem. (Of course I were crimson and cream undies)

Anonymous said...

I am proud to admit that I am a coffee snob! I have so many options here, and I always go to Starbucks! When I am in HK, I go Starbucks or Pacific (either one will do), but every where else I pick Starbucks.
Was this post a direct reference to some CM folks?

Rick Boyne said...

So sorry to hear that you had some OSU recessive genes. However, that is TMI about the undies!


Nope, it isn't "aimed" at anyone. If it stepped on toes, then I guess the shoe fit! Yikes!


Morgan said...

Preach it, preacher!

Asia Girl said...

I just have to say that I think it is funny that this post has more comments than any others. I have found that I go to Starbucks here when I miss Asia. I guess I discovered my addiction overseas. How weird is that?

Anonymous said...

I can drink a cuppa joe anywhere as long as its fresh (there goes the truck stop coffee). But I am like you---I really like it as a social drink! Bring on the friends for a cup of coffee. Bubbas- not bad in Pattaya!


Rick Boyne said...

Sarah, I find it both sad AND funny that it has generated the most comments. It just goes to show you how "addicted" we all are!

Anonymous said...

well i didn't even drink coffee until i got to CM and some person got me into it. It's the best and i have become a coffee snob. no other drink like it well except DP.