Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Letter to the President of the United States

The following is a letter I sent to the President today.  If this is how you feel, I urge you to send your own letter, too.  You can do so at

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Dear Mr. President,

Today, in your "middle-East" speech, you said something along the lines of "We'd like to see the borders in Israel return to the 1967 boundaries."

Just exactly who is this "we" you were talking about?

The only group of people in the whole world I can think of that want what you proposed is the Muslims.

Surely you don't mean "Muslims" when you say "we", do you?

You have consistently insisted that you are not a Muslim, yet you attended a Koranic school, have Muslim family, have Muslim sympathies, and now seem to be giving the Muslims what they want.

Exactly what is going on here, Mr. President?

As a natural-born citizen who upholds and defends the constitution (and pays my taxes), I protest your giving away Jerusalem to the Muslims.

If you are indeed a follower of Jesus Christ, as you say you are, you, too, would not want the most holy places in all of Christendom to fall under the control of Muslims, would you?

Under your plan, Calvary, the Garden Tomb, and the Eastern Gate would all be controlled by Muslims.

Historically, the United States has stood WITH Israel; why are you changing things now? 

Just exactly what is your agenda here, Mr. President?  It certainly doesn't seem to satisfy AMERICANS.

I beg you, by the mercies of God; reconsider your policy proposal. Withdraw it before you do real damage.


Richard Boyne
Wagoner, OK

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selahV said...

Rick, you are NOT talking to a man of reason. You are writing to a man of agendas. Though they be hidden to all but we who have eyes to see and ears to is an agenda, nonetheless. Yet, the LORD has appointed him to this very hour to rule over our country. We may wonder why, but God has a plan for will bring about HIS good. Keep lifting up your voice here, bro. Don't remain silent. selahV