Thursday, February 03, 2011

Too Dependent on Walmart

We ventured out into the ice covered streets of Wagoner because we were out of milk and kitty litter....

Crews have been busy clearing parking lots all along Hwy 51 (Cherokee St) in Wagoner, with one snow pile we observed as being over 12 feet tall!

Walmart was open and fairly busy.  The lot had been plowed, but was still snow packed.

As we walked around the store, we found shelf after shelf bare.  One of our church members works there and told us they haven't had a delivery in 3 days.  They were out of milk, chicken, eggs, and many other things.

This got me to thinking...if insurgents wanted to really strike at the heart of America, all they'd have to do is to take out the Walmart distribution centers.  We have become so reliant on Walmart, that it is our only grocery store and clothing store in Wagoner.

Walmart has gone into town after town, undercutting everyone's price, driving them out of business, leaving Walmart the only show in town.  When we have a minor crisis like this, we find ourselves at the mercy of the Walmart trucks being able to deliver the goods.

Just something to think about.

Here are some pics to illustrate:

There were more people complaining about WM being out of beer than anything else!  Just pitiful....

No eggs.

No chicken.

Yes, we have no bananas.

No milk.

Two packages of Lil Smokies....
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