Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Day in Oklahoma

At noon today, Oklahoma history will be made as we inaugurate our first woman governor.  Mary Fallin was elected in November 2010 and will take her place among such notables as Robert Kerr, Henry Bellmon, and David Boren. (and some notorious ones like David Walters)

Mrs. Fallin ran on a conservative platform and had proved herself as a true conservative during her tenure as US Representative.  She is a member of Crossings Church in Oklahoma City and attended Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee.

She has an impressive list of "firsts."  I think she will make a wonderful governor and will be good for Oklahoma.

God bless you, Mary Fallin, as you lead our state!


Monk-in-Training said...

I am a bit surprised you are permititng Mormon's to advertise on your site.

While they may have some Christian words, I would never say they are Orthodox Christians. In fact Muslims are closer to Christianity than Mormons are.

I know some Evangelicals are accepting their doctrines, I can't equate them with Scripture.

Rick Boyne said...

What in the world are you talking about? Oh! I bet they came up on Google ads, huh? I hadn't ever seen them in the categories that I allow. I'll have to make a change to that!

I would NEVER equate either Muslims OR Mormons with orthodox Christianity. They are both lies straight from the pits of hell.

Interestingly, both have an "angel" who gives the message to the prophet.

Monk-in-Training said...

Ah, I didn't think you supported those doctrines. I wonder if those ads search on general religious terms?

I was only using the example of Islam being closer in comparison of the doctrines. Mormonism is way, way out there and totally disconnected with historic Abramhamic faith of any kind.