Friday, February 12, 2010

Senior Pastor?

I get tickled when I see young preacher boys calling themselves "Senior Pastor". Did I say tickled? I meant bothered.

Why do preachers instist on being called anything other than "Mister"?

"Reverend Wills" or "Pastor Greg"

Are they in it for the title?

I realize that some people have problems with calling their pastor "Rick" (especially if their name is Bill, but I digress), so my suggestion is: if you have to give your pastor a title, call them "Brother".

Brother is the great equalizer. Brother puts your pastor on the same spiritual level as you.

Your pastor may have a doctorate (earned, honorary, or bought over the internet). So what?

Are we not fellow laborers in God's harvest?

By a differentiation of titles, we subconsciously begin to think that the pastor is more important than us to God or to God's work.

Uh, hello.

We are a royal priesthood of BELIEVERS. Each of us are saved by grace. God didn't give you a title, He gave you salvation.

Preacher-boys, get rid of your high faulting self-puffing titles. Senior pastor? Yeah, right.
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