Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Polar Express On Its Way!

NEOK is in for some REALLY COLD WEATHER in the next couple of days! I drove to Muskogee today and saw that the Arkansas River was frozen over. I remember when it happened way back when I was a kid and Don Woods from KTUL in Tulsa remarked that it hardly ever happens. Travis Meyer from KOTV is already saying that if you don't have to go out on Thursday, DON'T!


Unknown said...

Back in 1976 Johnny and June Cash had just moved into their huge lakeside mansion near Nashville. They had the best security fence money could buy. But it got so cold that winter that the lake froze over. They looked out their window one day and saw cars parked on the ice and dozens of tourists walking around their yard taking photos. (No one knew they were home). So funny things can sometimes happen when it gets really COLD! BTW it's 44 here in Ft Lauderdale tonight.

Rick Boyne said...

Bob, that's a great story!

I'm sorry you have to suffer in 44 degrees!