Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Off to a rough start

I was hoping to be off to a much better start in 2010. In some ways I am, but I am still afflicted by a little thing called a kidney stone.

No, this isn't my first one. Or my second. Or my tenth. Or even my twenty-fifth. The one awaiting its debut is number THIRTY-NINE!

It hit me the Thursday before Christmas, so I have been dealing with this bad boy for almost four weeks now. The longest previous span was ten days, but that was back in 1986.

Quite frankly, this has been the hardest six months of my life, health wise. I still consider myself to be a healthy person; I've just had several things go wrong.

I was also hoping to have been more consistent in blogging. I wanted to average one post a day, but I'm already behind. That is something that shouldn't be too difficult to catch up on. I have some very interesting pictures of some clear sky snow that we had this week. Strangest thing I have ever seen.

Owing to the pain from my little buddy, I've only felt like writing on my book one day this year. I've written about 25% of what I need and have already re-written most of that. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of Spring.

One thing that is off to a very good start is what God is doing at our church. This past Sunday, I had the privilege to baptize four people, three of which were from the same family. Below is a picture montage that Lori Boyd compiled for me.

God is doing an amazing work to take our little church off the "inactive" list and use us again! I'm honored and humbled to be the pastor here.


Monk-in-Training said...

wow, with all those white robes, I would feel right at home! ;)

Rick Boyne said...

Hey! Monks don't have exclusitivity of robes! ;-)