Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Rumor

Ever been a part of a rumor mill? Have you ever been the topic of a rumor?

Well, I am currently the center of a hilariously false rumor going around town. I heard about it at the Hog Fry last Saturday.

One of the guests at the event heard several things about our church lately. It all started with our starting a new church, the Native Fellowship Baptist Church, which meets in our fellowship hall. There is a history with our church that goes back about 7-10 years, which includes two church splits and LOTS of hard feelings. (I didn't know all of the history when I took the church, but that isn't important right now.)

About ten days ago or so, I put up a new message on our road-side sign that said, "New Church Plant Event, Indian Hog Fry, Saturday 1-5 pm"

Then later in the week, the following ad came out in the Wagoner Tribune:

Well, my friend saw one of her friends out at Wal-Mart and was told, "It's about time that Immanuel Baptist Church finally shut down! I'm glad there's another church going in there." Then she also heard from another friend that I had resigned!

Personally, I am conflicted about these rumors. On one hand, I think they are funny! God is doing such amazing things at our church that the evil one thinks (thought) he could sabotage it with silly rumors. On the other hand, I am sad that people, even church-going folk don't understand about churches starting other churches. It happens so seldom that when it does, people think that one church is 'going out of business' and another one is going to take its place.

I am so proud of my church. They are living out the Great Commission in the best way they know how, one step at a time. They are finally looking outside of the four walls and seeing the lostness of our own society. Soon, as we grow together, they will recognize the need is greater than even their own neighbors and will take the Good News to areas that are different than their own comfort zone.

Last Sunday, I announced the Oklahoma-East Asia Partnership and mentioned that we need to participate BY GOING! I had a lot of people give the "second look" kind of thing when I said that everyone who just said in their heart "not me" is probably the ones that will end up going!

These kinds of rumors are almost funny; there are other kinds though, that ruin reputations. I hope I'm never the center of THOSE kids of rumors!
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