Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Gamaliel Foundation

The post below resulted in my interest in a previously unknown to me socio-political organization called the Gamaliel Foundation. Here are a few talking points of what I found out about it.

  • It is a Left-Wing activist group.
  • It is multi-faith, meaning it includes Muslims, Buddhists any anyone else in its governing leadership.
  • It was formed in Chicago in the 60's to assist an African-American organization fighting to "protect homeowners on Chicago's West Side who had been discriminated against by banks and lending institutions."
  • They desire to make the government provide civil rights and healthcare to our nation's illegal immigrants.
  • They assembled a large number of left-wing religious leaders in 2003 to organize a voter drive to oust the incumbent Pres. Bush from the White House.
  • Their "Yahoo Group" describes themselves as "... an affiliate of The Gamaliel Foundation, a power organization, which has affiliates in 22 different states and South Africa."

To me, it looks as if this is just another liberal pseudo-religious organization out to undermine the foundation of the government of the United States of America.

Am I against immigrants having healthcare? No. Am I against ILLEGAL immigrants having healthcare? Most definitely YES! I was a legal resident of 5 different countries. I had a million hoops to jump through to remain a legal resident of those countries. Was I afforded any of the benefits provided to citizens of those countries? NO! Why should we foot the bill for folks who are unwilling to go through our legal system to live legally in our country? I surely can't answer that one.

The Gamaliel Foundation just made my personal "watch list". I think it is bad for America.
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