Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Livin' Like the Rockefellers

One of our church members, Dee Berryhill, drives a limousine part time. Today he had a call to drive some folks to the airport and he dropped by the church on the way home. I called the kids to come over and look at it and he then offered to drive them home. I hopped in for good measure (I'm just a big kid) and rode home in style. He backed it in our driveway and cars had to wait on us. However, they didn't just drive on by. They crept by real slow to see who was gonna get out of that limo. I'm sure they were sorely disappointed to find out it was only me!

Dee Berryhill and limo in front of the church (and it wasn't even a funeral! )

Emily and Audrey living it up in their 2 minute limo ride.

Dee and limo in front of Chez Boyne (aka the pastorium)


Anonymous said...

Hey! That would be fun in a town like our so I can imagine it is GREAT fun in a town your size. LOL!

Allison rode in a limo last night. She is in Chicago for the week touring. They drove to Kansas City (went to Worlds of Fun) the took the Amtrak to Chicago where they will see many interesting places and take in a Cubs game. They have no vehicle. SO it was a big splurge to call a limo to get around last night.

The girls looked like they enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Um...that is my screenname elsewhere. THESTORMENTGIRL

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Rick...now I am jealous!

But, did you think of the tax implications of what happened? Now, as a self-employed preacher, you are going to have to claim this as income...services rendered...

Maybe you could claim it as research...so you could better understand what members experience in a funeral procession!

As I said, I'm jealous!!! I've never ridden in a limo.

Rick Boyne said...

Oh, it was research. Definitely research!

Tim Tillinghast said...

you didn't mention that your house is just next door to the church. The front of the limo barely had time to get to your driveway before the back left the church!

Rick Boyne said...


I mentioned it was a TWO MINUTE ride. It took that long to get it turned around and backed up in our drive!