Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

There is nothing like Oklahoma in July. Unless it is Oklahoma in August!

The temperatures are hovering in the high (very high) 90's and humidity is starting to play a part in the daily heat.

OK, OK! I know... It was hotter in West Africa! Much hotter. And it was hotter in Bangkok. Hong Kong is more humid. I know these things.

But I'm in Oklahoma right now. Sweating.


M. Steve Heartsill said...

Wasn't it dry heat in West Africa and Thailand?

Or, could it be that you are getting older and can't handle the heat as well?

Anonymous said...

I showed rural property today and was WET with a salty residue! It was AWFUL. Was walking snakey acreages in dress clothes and was later literally SOAKED while standing in the shade. Some houses were without AC and some were vacant. I showed houses with pools that were all too tempting! LOL!

I think we're paying for all the extra pretty days we have had this summer. Hard to believe just last week we were complimenting the cool evenings and nice breezes.

Rick Boyne said...


It most certainly was not dry heat in Africa nor Thailand. When we lived in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, we often said it was 95 degrees with 95% humidity 95% of the time.

Bangkok was hot and humid all the time, but Chiang Mai had some very cool mornings and some days where it was very, very dry.

Ok, maybe I just can't stand the heat anymore.

The second rule of real estate "only show powered and cooled (or heated) homes! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What was rule number one?

There was one property in "Silver City" west of Mannford and south of Jennings. (Ever been there? It was closer to YOUR side of town!) This house was "in the middle of nowhere" it seemed. The doors locked but all the windows were wide open. The STINCH was as if something had died inside. NO air was moving at all. No power in that house but someone was living there. Not only was it hot the person that "lived" there had this strange shelving with the following items on it: (would love to do the "B" thing like the Baptist's do but to keep it clean, I'll elaborate more than just bottles, 'b---s' and Bibles. LOL! (Whisky bottles, foam ladies upper body parts, and a Bible which was the only neatly dusted item in the place.) The entire place was filled with strange contrasts. The land was beautiful, but . . .

Everything seemed dreary and nasty in there except that Bible, the only real sign of GOOD life. Outside the only signs of "life" were these neatly potted plants by a chair in the middle of the yard. It was just plain gross otherwise. The sweat on our bodies just made it feel like we were carrying all that "yuck" out of that house on our persons!

Rick Boyne said...

I always heard the first rule of real estate was "location, location, location!"

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Becky...your real estate license carry over to Alabama? My house has been on the market (and my wife keeps it looking like a museum) and my realtors haven't shown it once...not once!!!!

I've asked them to stay in touch with me...and the only communication we have is when I call them!

Something ain't right about this deal they have with me!

Anonymous said...

I live in Oklahoma too Rick, and according to the weather, today is the coolest (99 degrees) it's going to be for a while.

Anonymous said...

m. steve heartsill - you may contact me at and I will respond further to your questions. : )

In BRIEF, it is a market like I've never seen in my 21+ years of being a Realtor. It is more typical that YOUR agent NOT be the one to show your house the most but rather advertise/market it so many OTHER agents show it, and the lack of communication from said person is inexcusable.

Technically your listing contract is with the BROKERAGE firm and not the agent, so a phone call to the manager could be in order if you aren't satisfied with the agent. I can give you some suggestions after further questionning and get a better feel for what might be happening - or not happening.

I'll elaborate and answer any questions off this board. : )

M. Steve Heartsill said...

thestormentgirl...thanks for the reply. I've emailed you off the board.

Rick...thanks for letting me connect with her.

Rick Boyne said...


It is all about serving my faithful readers!

Rick Boyne said...


Yep, the extended forecast didn't look good for next week, either. OKC is forecast for 100+, along with McAlister and other places. We are graced with a forecast of 99 for the next 7 days or so.

M. Steve Heartsill said...

What a servant's heart you have Rick!

Phil Hoover said...

nothing like CHICAGO in the summer...or any other time of the year....